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Seaplane Heart Reef

The discovery of “Heart Reef” in 1975 (now a Whitsunday feature of the international tourism market) by one of Air Whitsunday’s very own pilots has provided a focal point to our popular scenic flights and showcases the diversity of the Great Barrier Reef. Aptly the Heart Reef is a favourite for brochure shots and other colour promotional material for the Whitsundays.

The following Air Whitsunday Tours visit Heart Reef for an orbit atop this icon to ensure all passengers get a great view and that perfect postcard shot:

The Heart Reef is in fact one of many coral bommies that make up the Great Barrier Reef and is only 17 metres in diameter. It can only be seen aerially as from sea level it is just like any of the other bommies that neighbour it.

The Heart Reef is an extremely popular icon amongst local and international travelers and is the site of many many in flight proposals. To really make the most of this romantic piece of Australian landscape Air Whitsunday suggest a scenic flight atop the Heart Reef whilst also taking in the surrounding beauty of Hardy Lagoon (the most photographed reef of the Great Barrier Reef), Hook Reef, the River (aptly named for its deep blue channel) and Bait Reef. Follow this up with a romantic picnic on the pure white silica sands of Whitehaven Beach where you are free to sunbathe, explore and recline in the crystal clear blue waters that the Whitsundays are renowned… and if it is only the two of you chances are you will spot yourself one of the many turtles that call this world famous stretch of beach their home.

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