Dedicated to customer service and providing you life long memories

Our small team is built upon passion, professionalism and providing our guests with the best experience possible! Beginning with our engineers who have spent much time developing and enhancing the aircraft to ensure your flight is a comfortable experience; our multi-talented pilots – foremostly for their piloting capabilities, who will also act as knowlegable reef guides and boat skippers; to our operations staff, who look forward to welcoming you with genuine enthusiasm and assisting to help make your experience top notch.


Lee Haskell Lee Haskell – Chief Pilot
Lee joined the Air Whitsunday team in late 2006 and has been flying for over 15 years, the last decade specialising in float planes. Lee has worked for Sydney Harbour Seaplanes, Aerolane Seaplanes in Nelson Bay NSW and has also spent some time flying in Cairns. Lee has an extensive instructional background, obtaining top level flight instructor rating and heads the Air Whitsunday endorsements sector of the business. Lee was promoted to Chief Pilot of Air Whitsunday in 2013.


Dan.BDan Bolton – Deputy Chief Pilot
Daniel started flying at the tender age of 18 after completing his higher schooling, obtaining his commercial licence at the age of 19 and his float endorsement on his 20th birthday. Daniel’s first commercial flying job was at the family business, Bay City Seaplanes, located in the town of Geelong, Victoria, flying holiday makers over Geelong, Melbourne, The Great Ocean Road, the Surf Coast and the breath taking 12 Apostles. Daniel found his passion in seaplanes and embarked on his journey to initiate his career flying seaplanes. Daniel commenced his employment with Air Whitsunday Seaplanes in 2011 at the age of 21. Daniel now has over 1300hours float time and over 2500 water landings. ‘The most challenging aspect I find with flying floats is the variety in wind, tide, swell, boat traffic and sun position that makes every water landing a different one and a new challenge, I enjoy showing guests the Whitsunday region in the most exclusive and breathtaking means, and customer satisfaction is what I enjoy most”.

DrewDrew Daniell – Line Pilot
Drew learned to fly through the Airforce cadets on gliders and powered aircraft at age 13. Landing his first job bird scaring in South Australia which is his home State, he found the love of low flying and took on the Supercub tail dragger in the Outback with Kidmans Pastoral Company low level cattle mustering. Years later he worked on Fraser Island flying on and off the beach in Airvans, landing amoungst waves, cars and people was quite the challenge. Drew felt a serious need to fly floats, so after a float endorsement on the Gold Coast he secured a job flying in Tasmania and Broome on Cessna 185 and 208 Caravan Amphibian. Flying one way into an 800ft ravine and landing next to a waterfall was one of the highlights of his career in Tasmania and seeing the power of the Horizontal Waterfalls near Broome was simply breathtaking. His love for the tropical life and island flying saw him move to the Whitsundays in 2008 where he had the chance to put all of his skills to the test and learn all new ones. Drew has indeed found his dream job and he and his family have been in the Whitsundays for over 5 years and thoroughly enjoy the lifestyle.


Andy Polson – Line Pilot
Andy started flying at age 22, splitting his studies between Bankstown and the Sunshine Coast. Originally from Sydney Andy has flown tailwheel, aerobatics and formation. A love of the water and flying lead him to seaplanes, flying floats in Sydney and port Shephans. A change came when Andy commenced flying with Great Southern Land Aviation, flying scenic flights over the picturesque Lake Eyre during the flood of 2011. Andy moved through the company making his was to the Great Southern Land Aviation base in the tropical Whitsunday region, a place that captured his heart and working next door to Air Whitsunday, a place that would reignite his float plane passion. Andy commenced his career as a seaplane pilot with Air Whitsunday Seaplanes in July of 2013 and brought with him a passion for the outdoors. Andy is also an auxiliary firefighter at the local station here in Airlie Beach.

PaulPaul Steszewski – Line Pilot
Paul began his aviation career in Perth in 2005 where he completed a Bachelor of Science Aviation Degree with a minor in Tourism Marketing Management. Shortly after completing his studies and obtaining his commercial pilots licence in 2008, Paul moved to the Kimberly’s performing scenic, freight, medivac and charter flights from Broome and Fitzroy Crossing. Paul then travelled to Coral Bay, a small town south of Exmouth in Western Australia where he spotted whales, sharks and Manta rays for local tourism operators. After taking a two and a half year break from flying to pursue other avenues in the West Australian mining industry, Paul found he longed to be flying. Paul made his back, completing his twin IFR and seaplane endorsements and after following his passion for a flying Career commenced his employment as a seaplane pilot with Air Whitsunday Seaplanes in 2013. Paul now has the pleasure of flying travelers from all over the globe, taking them to some of the most breathtaking places on earth.

NickNick Hoyle – Line Pilot
Nick gained his Commercial pilots licence in 2009 with aerobatic and tailwheel qualifications. His career was kick started by a flooded Lake Eyre and a blooming Australian desert where he spent two seasons flying tourists from the Flinders Ranges to Bedourie and everywhere in between. A love for hands on flying saw him gain his low level endorsement and a job scaring birds over almond orchids in South Australia’s Riverland. Wanting to further his experience, he then moved to Hobart flying single and twin engine aircraft for Par Avion into Australia’s shortest commercial airstrip. His low level experience also positioned him to fly low level photography for the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race. A love of the outdoors, the ocean and hands on flying saw Nick gain his seaplane endorsement with Strahan Seaplanes on the Gordon River. Nick is now enjoying the challenges and rewards associated with flying seaplanes for Australia’s longest operating seaplane company – Air Whitsunday.

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